Sky Smile Frequent Flyer Program provides exclusive privilege for its members by delivering Award Ticket on MAI & Air KBZ flights. Ruby and Diamond tires can redeem miles for award tickets as per the Program's terms & conditions. Miles accrual and redemption are based on miles provided in the Mileage Calculator.

The airlines reserve the right to change the miles as redeemed as per the airlines' Commercial or Operational requirements. Members are required to complete one or two transactions within one month for award ticket redemption.

Rules and Regulations for Redeem Miles

  • To redeem mile, members are required to via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • There must be at least one flown activity in the member's account within three months to redeem the mile.
  • MAI & Air KBZ needs to receive your Award request form seven (14) working days prior to the issuance date of the award certificate.
  • The Award tickets cannot be canceled, exchanged, transferred, inherited, or misused.
    Any taxes, surcharges, or duties arising out of or in connection with the receipt of the Award or benefits shall be the responsibility of and bonded by the passengers.
  • MAI & Air KBZ shall not accept any responsibility or liability in the event of non-availability, the impossibility of reservation, or issuance of an Award due to or connection with the termination of the partnership, the charging of flight schedule, or any other reason beyond control.


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