Diving Equipment

General Conditions

  1. The diving equipment shall be recognized as such (diving suit, vest, and goggles).
  2. One empty oxygen bottle is allowed.

Condition of Piece Concept:

Dimension and weight are not applicable; since the diving equipment is considered a normal piece of baggage, above general conditions apply.

Conditions of Weight Concept:

Above items will be accepted as a part of free baggage allowance.

In excess, normal excess baggage charge will be applied.

Golf Bag

General Conditions:

A golf bag is considered to consist of one set of golf clubs (14 Nos.), a maximum of 12 golf balls and one pair of shoes.

Condition Piece Concept:

MAI may establish a special excess baggage charge for golfing equipment which contains not more than 1 golf bag, which may also include one pair of golf shoes, 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and tees. In excess, 50% of the normal excess baggage charge will be applied. This charge shall be available for the carriage of only 1 such golf bag per passenger. For any golf bag in excess thereof, the normal excess baggage charge will apply.

Condition Weight Concept:

A golf bag is to be considered as part of the customer's free baggage allowance. However, when there is excess baggage, special charges may be applied. For the first 15kgs, a charge of 6kgs is applied (see table below). This special charge is applicable to a golf set per customer only.

Weight of Golf set
1st 15kgs 
 To Charge
 16kg  6kg+1kg
 17kg  6kg+1kg+1kg
 18kg  6kg+1kg+1kg+1kg
 Etc  Etc

In the event a single passenger carries more than one golf bag, and the free allowance is exceeded, the surcharge per kilo will be applied.


Not applicable

Sporting Weapons and Ammunition for Sporting Purpose

The carriage of sporting weapons and ammunition for sporting purpose is subject to approval by the state/local security and MAI shall only be allowed to hold the loaded baggage. An exception to this rule shall only be made for when Security Officers of the State's Personnel and Security Department is involved.

Conditions of Acceptance:

  • The passenger shall report the intended carriage to the airline beforehand.
  • The passenger shall be in possession of a firearms license.
  • The weapons shall not be loaded.
  • The weapons shall be transported in a lockable suitcase, with the only key in the possession of the passenger.
  • The location of the loading shall not be accessible to passengers during the flight.
  • The commander shall be notified of the carried weapons.
  • The station of destination shall be informed by E-mail or by a SITA message.
  • The passenger shall be in possession of a permit, if applicable.