Guangzhou's Zero Point

Located in Center Square of the People's Park of Yuexiu District, the circular center is both a testimony to the 2,200-year history of the city of Guangzhou and a geographical original point of Guangzhou.

Pearl River

2,129 kilometers in length, the Pearl River is the third longest river in China. Converging in Guangzhou, the three reputed tributaries, the East River, the West River and the North River, give birth to a city with mind-numbing beauty.

New Central Axis

The old city axis of Guangzhou gradually took shape as the city of Guangzhou evolved, which is marked by a variety of fine historic buildings and monuments. The old city axis is embedded with rich historical information, which is, metaphorically speaking, a gigantic history book, recording countless legends and history stories. It is a real golden cultural lifeline of Guangzhou.